November 09, 2016
Buro Happold Engineering: “Urban Oasis

November 09, 2016
Canadian Architect Magazine: “Vancouver’s Grout McTavish Architects design tropical forest bio-dome in Dubai

November 01, 2016
Architect Magazine: “The Green Planet, Grout McTavish Architects

October 28, 2016
Azure Magazine: “Canadian Architects Build an Indoor Rainforest in Dubai

September 6, 2016
Vancouver Courier: “Vancouver architect brings rainforest to Dubai

August 31, 2016
Time Out Dubai: “The Green Planet

August 31, 2016
Vancouver Sun: “Vancouver architects design building to house rainforest in Dubai desert

August 31, 2016
CBC Online: “Vancouver architects bring tropical rain forest to Dubai’s desert

August 31, 2016
CBC’s On the Coast: Audio Player 02:06:00 – 02:14:00

October 09, 2009
Vancouver Convention Centre Art Project: “Clive Grout, the curator for the Vancouver Convention Centres Thematic Art Program