Britannia Mine Museum

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Clive Grout Architects in 2008 were responsible for the conceptual design of a new Visitor Centre at the BC Museum of Mining which was a key component of the overall revitalization of the Museum site and entertainment/education offering to guests. This small facility of about 11,000 sf was inserted into the site plan to function as an introductory orientation to the Museum. It contained retail and food services, flexible exhibit space and an orientation film theatre seating 75 which would function as the introduction to the site tour. The character of the new Visitor Centre was to be defined by the contemporary use of metals and the strong forms of the historic building roofs. The Visitor Centre was also to create a stronger sense of enclosure and Village density while projecting a strong and memorable image to the public travelling on the Sea to Sky Highway. This design was not developed past concept stage due to funding limitations.


Britannia Conveyor Shed Draft May 29_08