China Oil Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010

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The pavilion proposal was designed to reflect the story concept of the collective spirit of a colony or hive of activity that is purposed to solve important issues surrounding the use of oil within society. The architecture reflects an organic, shimmering shape set above a cool and inviting body of water set against the backdrop of EXPO to captivate, and attract visitors from around the central waterfront Plaza.

Planned to be built using advanced computer design technology the attraction represents the futuristic shapes of tomorrows cities. It also displays the benefits of environmental building technology by utilizing advanced photovoltaic power generation systems and the advantages of free cooling provided by the reflecting pool below. As visitors enter the pavilion they will enter a world of tomorrow where the design of our buildings will harvest the power of nature. This future city is also reflected in the exterior of the pavilion: living walls of plant life; clean, refreshing water cascading from the roof of the pavilion.