Whitehorse Airport Art/Tourism Program

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An opportunity to showcase the unique character and beauty of Yukon as a “welcome home” to residents and as a truly memorable introduction to Yukon to those who are visiting or in transit. The focus is on the arts and culture of Yukon, its people and the beauty of the magnificent land. Colours throughout the terminal were selected from the signature painting by beloved Yukon artist Ted Harrison. A thematic masterplan for the terminal was prepared as context for all display and exhibit selections and also set the tone for subsequent renovations. A prime example of the use of a thematic masterplan in collaboration with a functional masterplan to bring order and meaning to design decisions.

Project Information Sheet

Arrivals 74

Carousel 7

Carousel 23

Carousel 63

Departure Lounge 129

Departure Lounge 136

Departure Lounge 144

Departure Lounge 185

Departure Lounge 204

Departure Lounge 207

Departure Lounge 209

Departure Lounge 236

Diorama 153Project Information Sheet